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Although Cosmetic Surgery cannot change your life per se, more self-esteem and a better feeling within yourself can encourage you to finally make long thought changes or to continue your daily life, but now with a content smile when looking into the mirror, buying a bra, a well-fitted dress, or a new pair of jeans.

Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery can only show a few examples. I’d like to emphasize that your body, your texture, your skin elasticity, etc. is unique and therefore, please, do not compare your features to those shown in the following before and after pictures.

Since Breast enlargements are the most popular cosmetic procedure at present, I show a very few examples describing individual wishes, various “tissue” qualities and shapes, different implant sizes and outcome.

Otherwise I have decided to withdraw from before/after pictures in the web due to the high risk young children or teenagers might get confused or certain other people might abuse these pictures.

I am happy to present more pictures of various procedures during the consultation.

Breast Augmentation

Empty breasts with a low nipple position. Good tissue to cover an implant. Patient’s wish were firm full breasts. Result with 260cc implants placed behind the gland and in front of the muscle (subfascial)

Very small breasts. Not enough tissue to “hide” an implant. Patient’s wish were big, “fake-looking” breasts.
Result with 300 cc implants, placed behind the breast muscle to gain more tissue for coverage of the implant (to avoid “wrinkling” or/and “rippling”).

“Empty” breasts with sagging and asymmetry. Enough tissue and redundant skin to cover an implant. Patient’s wish were fuller, bigger, but natural looking breasts. Result with 340cc implants, subfascial (see ex. 1).

Small breasts. Firm tissue. Patient’s wish were breasts as large as possible, “fake-look” desired. Result with 340 cc implants, subfascial (see ex.1). * Bigger implants would have caused a damage of the soft tissue (skin, fatty tissue and breast gland) due to too much pressure. Placing such sized implants or bigger one’s behind the muscle will also tear the muscle fibres. If the wish is to go very big, then a staged “topping-up” is recommended by sensible plastic surgeons for achieving a good long-term result and avoiding damage of the soft tissue.

“Empty”, slightly sagging, asymmetric breasts. Good tissue, redundant skin. Patient’s wish were big, firmer breasts. Result with 410 cc implants, subfascial (see ex. 1).

“Empty”, sagging, asymmetric breasts. Tissue thinner than patient above, redundant skin. Patient’s wish were big, firmer breasts. No uplift procedure was desired. Result with 460cc implants subfascial (see example 1).

Scars after Breast enlargement. This scar usually heals nicely and is hidden in the fold leaving a fine line, which fades within a few years. Other approaches (in the armpit or around the areola are also possible, but have certain disadvantages).

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