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Breast Augmentation

Although Cosmetic Surgery cannot change your life per se, more self-esteem and a better feeling within yourself can encourage you to finally make long thought changes or to continue your daily life, but now with a content smile when looking into the mirror, buying a bra, a well-fitted dress, or a new pair of jeans.


Breast Augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, is by far the most popular procedure requested by women. The number of women undergoing breast augmentation has not decreased throughout the last twenty years, but in fact continues to rise.

Breast Augmentation involves placing an artificial implant underneath the breast in order to increase its size and to produce a certain degree of lift where necessary.

Before you see your surgeon, it is recommended that you consider what you want to achieve from the operation. In particular, you should have an idea how large you want your breasts to be. Same, there are technical considerations as to how large the surgeon can make your unique breasts depending on conditions such as original size and tissue quality. A breast enhancement shall fill or enlarge your breasts, but not damage your own tissue followed by undesirable consequences on the longer term. A sensible result in harmony with your figure will please you for many years to come.

Most surgical procedures involve a variety of options, depending upon the patient’s wishes, the patient’s anatomical features, and technical considerations. During the consultation, I will advise upon the best option for you and explain “why and how”.

Basically, there are three different approaches to incise the skin:

After having done the incision, the implant can be placed either:

The approach recommended to you after my examination of your unique breast regarding placement of the implant depends very much on the thickness of your own tissue and, if your tissue is thin also on the shape of your breast before the operation. However, no manipulation is performed directly on the breast tissue itself. This means that breast feeding and examination of the breast for possible lumps is usually possible after breast augmentation.

The choice of implant is between cohesive silicone gel/jelly and saline. Following the UK Government’s Independent Review Group’s report on the safety of silicone breast implants, the great majority of surgeons and patients choose silicone since it is more natural on touch.

Usually the operation is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Most patients stay in hospital for one night, but depending on the individual situation, “day-case” surgery is possible. If your work is not physical (no lifting or sports), expect to return to work after 7 to 10 days. Normal physical exercises can be started after 4 to 6 weeks.

After the operation you might feel bruised and sore. Your breasts are likely to be swollen more or less and for 4 weeks day/night you have to wear a support bra. Best is to sleep on your back during the first weeks.

As with all scars, the scars will fade over a period of time (please, see pictures). In most cases, the scar heals as very faint white line. However, please, note: No surgical scar ever flawlessly disappears.

Regarding possible risks and complications cosmetic surgery is very safe. However, everybody has to accept that no surgical procedure is entirely free from risk. These possible, but rare risks will be explained to you during the consultation and I shall answer all your questions. In addition, you will receive a “Patient Guide” for Breast Augmentation.


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