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Lipoplasty (Liposuction)

Although Cosmetic Surgery cannot change your life per se, more self-esteem and a better feeling within yourself can encourage you to finally make long thought changes or to continue your daily life, but now with a content smile when looking into the mirror, buying a bra, a well-fitted dress, or a new pair of jeans.


Lipoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. The purpose of lipoplasty is to improve the contour or shape of the body. By using cannulae excess fat is “sucked out” in localized areas of the body.

It is recommended that you consider what you want to achieve from the surgery before you see the surgeon. As mentioned above, lipoplasty can be excellent in contouring localized parts of the body. However, it cannot tighten or tone loose skin neither is it meant as a treatment of obesity. During the consultation, I will advise upon an individualized treatment plan for you.

Some advice:

Lipoplasty can be performed under local anaesthesia with or without sedation and in general anaesthesia. Small (8mm) stab incisions are made in the skin. Anaesthetic fluid is injected throughout the area to be operated upon. Then the fat is aspirated by using fine cannulae.

The operation takes anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours or more depending on the volume of fat to be removed. The majority of patients can go home the same day. However, after having removed more than 3l fat, one overnight stay is recommended. If your work is not physical (no lifting or sports), expect to return to work after 7 to 10 days. Normal physical exercises can be started after 4 to 6 weeks.

As with all scars, the scars will fade over a period of time. In most cases, the scar heals as very faint white line. However, please, note: No surgical scar ever flawlessly disappears.

Regarding possible risks and complications cosmetic surgery is very safe. However, everybody has to accept that no surgical procedure is entirely free from risk. These possible, but rare risks will be explained to you during the consultation and I shall answer all your questions. In addition, you will receive a “Patient Guide” for Lipoplasty.


Simply contact us to discuss your needs. All consultations can be done in English, German and Swedish.